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Calon Cystein


1. Shampoo hair gently and rinse throughly. Towel Dry

2. Gently apply half of the wave lotion in bottle #1. Comb through the hair ensuring ends are treated.

3. Proceed with wrapping. If the hair should dry while wrapping, redampen by spraying lightly with water. Wrap smoothly without tension (especially around hairline).

4. After wrapping is completed, place a cotton strip around hairline and towel at the nape of the neck.

5. Apply the rest of waving lotion #1, thoroughly saturating each rod. AVOID CONTACT WITH SKIN, SCALP AND EYES.

6. Place cap over rods.

7. Process normal and tinted hair at room temperature for 30-40 mins.

8. When processing is complete, rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. If hair is long or very thick, rinse longer. Gently towel-blot each curl. Place a new strip of cotton around the hairline.

9. Shake neutralizer bottle #2 thoroughly beginning at the crown. Apply neutralizer to top and bottom of each wound curl. Use 1/2 bottles of neutralizer. Wait 8 mins. Apply the rest of neutralizer. Wait 7 mins.

10. Gently remove each rod without pulling or stretching the hair. Work neutralizer solution into the hair for 1 min.

11. Rinse the hair with warm water and towel blot. Do not shampoo for 48 hours. Style as desired.


1. 轻轻洗发,然后彻底冲洗干净后用毛巾擦干。

2. 使用1号瓶中一半的波浪水。 梳理头发确保波浪水均匀分布,包括发尾。

3. 接着将头发包覆起来, 如果头发在包裹时变得干燥,可以用水轻轻喷洒。在包覆时不该拉扯头发(尤其是发际线周围)

4. 完成包覆后,将一个棉条放在发际线周围并在颈背处放置一条毛巾。

5. 使用1号瓶中剩余的波浪水,直到使每根发卷都充分吸收。 请避免接触皮肤,头皮和眼睛。

6. 用盖子将发卷盖住。

7. 在室温下处理正常和染色的头发30-40分钟。

8. 处理完成后,用温水彻底冲洗头发。 如果头发很长或很厚,请冲洗更长时间。 轻轻地用点按擦拭每个卷曲。 接着在发际线周围放一条新的棉条。

9. 从表冠开始彻底摇动中和剂瓶(2号瓶)。 在每个卷曲部分的顶部和底部涂上中和剂。 先使用半瓶中和剂,等8分钟。再使用剩余的中和剂,等7分钟。

10. 轻轻取下每根发卷,不要拉扯或拉伸头发。 将中和剂溶液加入头发中并等候1分钟。

11. 用温水和毛巾擦拭头发。 48小时内不要洗头。 可根据需要的风格造型。

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