Fulvo Up Scalp Lotion

Fulvo Up Scalp Lotion



A scalp lotion containing high- purity, high- concentration fulvic acid. Gives hair firmness, elasticity, elasticity and luster, and can be used safely by those who are concerned about hair loss, dryness and itchiness

What's Fulvic Acid ?

It is a type of organic matter that exists in humus-rich soil in the material cycle of ecosystems.

It activates cells by permanently ion-exchanging minerals, which are one of the five major nutrients.

"Chelating action" and "pH buffering action" essential for animals and plants help maintain health.



Approach of densely generated fulvic acid Concentrated fulvic acid that is produced by a unique method of high purity from the humic substances present in the soil of the forest is blended.
Essential Mineral Approach The ion exchange (circulatory) action of fulvic acid permanently replenishes the scalp with minerals, which are essential elements, and maintains a healthy scalp soil.

Hypoallergenic Prescription Approach It is fragrance- free, color- free, and has a minimal amount of irritating ingredients (ethanol), making it gentle on the hair and scalp. Adopting a hypoallergenic prescription, you don't have to worry about fading of hair color


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