H High Multicurl

H High Multicurl

H Hight Multicurl

#1-155ml, #2-165ml

Fast and long lasting curl

Fine particle base of argan oil and cationic fatty acid protects against damage and aloe rosemary and Moringa extract keeps hair moisturized

Various protein components (keratin, collagen, silk) contained to form elastic curls

Heat activated PPT protects against heat damage and forms a hydrolipid film to control the moist balance

Betaine containing amino acids natural moisturizing factor adjust oil-moisture balance of hair

As it is an emulsion type, it does not dry well and absorbs quickly.

Excellent defined curl even on damaged hair


How to use

After shampoo with Alpha Clarifying Shampoo and towel dry and apply perm solution.

Regular Perm

Healthy hair : 10 min heat + 10min room temperature (total 20 min processing time)

Damaged hair : 15~20min room temperature

Direct Perm (Winding with heated digital rod)

Healthy hair : 7 min with hot rod+ 10 min room temperature (total 17min processing time)

damaged hair : less than 5 min with hot rod + 10 min room temperature (total less than 15 min processing time)

Rinse perm solution ( if Aegis PH volume & Curl applied for 3-5min, no rinse needed)

Neutralizing time : 3 min + 4 min (Apply twice, total 7 min)

Right after rod out, Apply DO foam balance to increase volume and make curl long lasting and Rinse

**Extremely Damaged hair use with Okover Acid perm or My's PH6 perm


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H Hight Multicurl










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