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180ml 6.08oz/ 1000ml 33.81oz

Stabilize and balances PH of Chemical treated hair

Provides intense moisture and deeply nourishes

Makes Color, Perm and Keratin Treatment last longer


Signature nourishing and strengthening ingredients

  • 20 different kinds of Amino Acid Protein - fills and strengthens porous damaged hair by building strong inner matrix
  • Propolis, Loyal Jelly and Honey extracts - hydrates and nourishes damaged hair
  • 4 protein which has similar structure of hair (Keratin and protein from corn, wheat, and beans) - strengthens and rebuilds, making each strand thicker
  • Ceramides- protects sprit ends and adds brilliant shine


How to use

After shampoo, apply onto hair and massage. For daily express care, leave on for 1-3 min. For intense care, leave on for 5-20 min under heat  depending on the thickness and damages of hair. Rinse lightly.

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