Ipul Treatment + Styling

ipul treatment x styling

Focusing on moisturizing, moisturizing while moisturizing every time you use it.
Styling while treating
Day or night care
Support for busy days, making every day comfortable.

"Moisturizing and heat protection inside the hair"
Moisturizing ingredients and hair repair ingredients derived from nature penetrate into the inside of the hair,
Aging hair due to aging and hair damaged by hair color,
It leads to moist yet lustrous hair.
Natural Thermal protection ingredients protect hair from the heat of curling irons and dryers - Adcosalactone, shea butter, mango seed job

"Be yourself with natural styling"

Even if you put the whole thing together while suppressing the spread, it won't be heavy. With a natural luster and an oriental feel, you can spend the day feeling like yourself. There is no stickiness peculiar to styling agents, and even if you wear it for a long time, you will not have an unpleasant odor, making your daily life comfortable.

"Care and styling at the same time"

Most of the ingredients are water and treatment ingredients, so it's a sustainable treatment that keeps your hair styling and beautiful while caring. 

what is the texture like?

It has a smooth texture

What kind of style do you recommend?

Natural styling that is not too tight All styles regardless of short or long

Who do you recommend it for?
 Those who don't like the stickiness of styling products Those who use curling irons every day for heat protection


Unique shape improves moisture retention and operability Sal busy A shape that is neither gel nor milk A unique shape-memory formula that is easy to style with just the right amount of texture Point Special ingredient Ingredients MIR Heat retention UP Moisturizing ingredient shea butter It has a smooth texture due to its olein content. So docosalactone (erucalactone) hair repair ingredients Heat from hair dryers, hair irons, etc. To do. Luster ingredient mango seed oil Its natural moisturizing power is high and repeated use leads to smooth and shiny hair. Orchard Berry Fragrance Orchard Berry The scent is sweet and sour and refreshing like being in an orchard

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