Lavender LPT Treatment

Lavender LPT Treatment

Lavender treatment protects hair from strong ultraviolet rays while providing elasticity and brilliant shine by moisture wrapping individual hairs. The treatment contains Iris Versicolor extract and lavender floral water resulting in smooth, healthy and moisturized hair.  1200ml.


After shampooing, gently towel dry and put a suitable amount of treatment on hair. Leave 10min and rinse out with lukewarm water.


薰衣草护理可以保护头发免受强烈的紫外线伤害,同时能通过包裹个别头发的水分,强效保湿来增加秀发弹性,使头发有光泽。 含有鸢尾花提取物和薰衣草花水,使头发光滑,健康,滋润。1200毫升。


洗发后,轻轻擦干,并在头发上适量使用本产品。 在头发上停留10分钟后,再用温水冲洗干净。


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