New Standard Straight System

    ULTRA - African American or Indian
    EXTRA - Extra curly hair
    NORMAL - Normal or Color treated hair
    MILD - Damaged Area (Discontinued, Try LOEL MILD)
  • Highly effective Japanese hair straightening cream and digital perm solution.
  • Can work on all hair types, from extremely damaged hair to coarse African-American hair.
  • Permanent, silky straight hair without damage and odor.
  • No additional conditioning required before and or during the thermal re-conditioning process.
  • This product has very minimal odor and does not damage the hair. Produces sleek and silky straight hair while retaining maximum luster.
  • 4 Levels of strength: Ultra - African American hair, Extra - extra curly hair, Normal- regular or color treated hair, Mild - damaged part of hair



  1. Examine the client's hair type (healthy, damaged, colored, etc) and determine which solution strength best fits the condition of the client's hair.
  2. Pre Shampoo, cleanse the hair with clarifying shampoo twice. Towel dry and examine the hair type again to confirm.
  3. Application of Standard Straight Solution #1, when the hair is 70%-80% wet, carefully distinguish between the normal-healthy portion and damaged portion of the client's hair and apply the corresponding solution to each area depending on damages. For example, for the root iron perm on virgin and healthy hair on the root, use EXTRA. For the C or S curl on colored or damaged hair, use NORMAL or MILD (You can mix different strengths in order to make the appropriate solution.)
  4. Process, after applying the solution #1, cover the hair with a cap for approximately 10-20 min. Adjust the time accordingly depending on the type and condition of the hair. For coarse and very resistant hair, process the hair under heat for approximately 10-20 min.
  5. Test, test 1-2 strands of hair by pulling lightly on each strand to stretch the hair about 1.5 to 2 times the original length.
  6. First rinse and apply heat protection, completely rinse out the solution and shampoo with Wave Tonic Shampoo and apply SO Heat Protection Lotion
  7. Blow dry hair. For magic straight perm, dry 90-100%. For C curl volume magic straight dry 70-80%. For S or C curl Iron perm, dry 60-70%
  8. Iron, iron the hair 3-4 times at 180-200 degrees c (360-380 f) in sections of about 1 inch. Set the temperature of the iron depending on the degree of damage. if you are doing iron perm and the hair is too dry, spray water to maintain at least 30% moisture before winding with iron perm iron
  9. Apply Neutralizer, thoroughly apply the neutralizer solution from the roots to the tips and leave the solution in hair for 7-9 min. For iron perm, spray neutralizer thoroughly.
  10. Final Rinse, Rinse hair and shampoo with a Wave Tonic Shampoo. Towel dry and spray Cocktail Acid 2.5 to remove Alkali and stabilize PH. Blow dry and style.


Thermal Magic Straight + MCS Clinic Video (Damage Repairing Magic Straight for Damaged hair)

손상모발 복구 매직 시술


  • 高效日本直发膏数码烫液。
  • 适用于所有类型的头发,从极度受损的头发到粗糙的非裔美国人头发。
  • 永久,丝滑的直发,没有损伤和气味。
  • 在热再润发过程之前和期间不需要额外的润发。
  • 该产品气味极轻,不会损伤头发。 产生光滑柔顺的直发,同时保持光泽。
  • 4个强度等级:Ultra (超强)- 非洲裔美国人的头发,Extra(强) - 较卷的头发,Normal(中度)一般发质或染色头发,Mild (轻度)轻度受损的头发


  1. 检查客户的头发类型(健康,受损,染色等),并确定哪种溶液强度最适合客户头发的状况。
  2. 预洗,用洗发水清洗头发。用毛巾将擦干后并再次检查以确认头发类型。
  3. 使用Magic Solution#1,当头发湿度为70%-80%时,仔细区分客户头发的正常健康部分和受损部分,并根据不同的头发类型使用不同强度的药剂。 (您可以混合使用不同的强度来制作适合的药剂。)
  4. 处理,在施用溶液#1之后,用塑料套盖住头发约10-20分钟。根据头发的类型和状况调整时间长度。如果头发较为粗糙,可另外加热处理约10分钟。
  5. 测试,通过轻轻拉动来测试1-2股头发,使头发拉伸至约为原始长度的1.5至2倍。
  6. 第一次冲洗及擦干,用水彻底冲洗溶液(不要涂抹任何洗发水或其他头发产品)然后将头发完全擦干。
  7. 平板烫,将头发在180-200度下熨烫3-4次,每次熨烫约1英寸。根据损坏程度设定离子夹的温度。
  8. 使用中和剂,将中和剂溶液从根部彻底涂抹到发尾,并让溶液停留在头发上7-9分钟。
  9. 最后冲洗,用温和的酸性洗发水冲洗头发,并彻底干燥。

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