Remagic (PH 6.7)

A magic straight cream that cares for damaged hair due to perms, coloring, etc. and makes it healthy and shiny.

Smooth and straightening extremely damaged, mushy and rough hair.

A rich protein replenishes the inside of the hair for resilient hair styling

Complete a moisturized and soft hair texture with hydration supply

"Sleek Magic straight solution for extremely damaged hair. An acidic straight cream that cares for hair that is severely damaged by perms, coloring, etc., and makes it healthy and shiny.

1. Strong penetration without damaging hair: A micro-emulsion type with definite acidic penetration that does not expand the hair.

  1. Fast and uniform with resilient hair: Micro-particles quickly penetrate the damaged hair cuticles, forming uniform and resilient curls.
  2. Hair nutrition and treatment maintenance enhancement: 20 types of amino acids and abundant protein ingredients fill the damaged hair and enhance treatment maintenance.
  3. Shiny and smooth hair texture: Heat-activated protein wraps around the hair cuticles, completing a smooth hair texture.
  4. Lightweight texture that does not stick:  Create a natural and lightweight style with bouncy root volume

Direction (damaged hair)

After shampoo, apply Remagic on damaged area. (spray Ceratin ppt is recommended before apply Remagic if it is very damaged area)

depend on damage, process 10-25 min

Rinse completely and shampoo with Wave Tonic shampoo

Spray H10 heat protector spray and completely dry and press with flat iron (270-290°F if very damaged area, 330°f normal hair, 380°f healthy hair)

Neutralizer 7 min and shampoo with Wave Tonic shampoo



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