Shine Hair Manicure

Semi-permanent hair manicure with transparent, clear shades and shiny gloss. Polymer and silicone from natural pulps leave color long lasting and make hair soft and elastic. Contains Natural Betaine and Natural Herb extract.


Shampoo and towel dry. Apply shine manicure, taking care not to touch scalp. Heat for 10-15min and cool with cool towel or cool blow dry for 5-10min, rinse and shampoo.


半永久性染发膏,带给您具通透感,且清晰的色调和闪亮的光泽。 来自天然果肉聚合物和硅胶使颜色持久,使头发柔软有弹性。 含有天然甜菜碱和天然草本精华。

洗发后用毛巾擦干。 涂抹亮泽染发膏,注意不要接触头皮。 加热10-15分钟,用冷毛巾冷却或冷风吹5-10分钟,冲洗并洗发。

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