Sinkai Natsunoka scalp massage gel

Refreshing fragrance scalp massage gel Removes excess sebum and dirt from the scalp and gives a refreshing feeling.

Protecting Hair and Scalp from UV Rays

Hematin: Provides resilience, prevents fading of hair color, and maintains summer color.
Chamomile Flower Extract: Contains essential oil component azulene, protecting hair and scalp from UV rays.
Aloe Vera Extract: Protects the scalp from UV damage and maintains turnover.
Squalane: One of the components of the sebum film, enhancing barrier function and maintaining scalp health.
Semburi Extract: Provides flexibility and firmness to the scalp, soothes scalp irritation, and enhances the barrier function.
Catalase: Addresses residual hydrogen peroxide, maintaining a healthy scalp environment.

Refreshingly Cool Sensation

  • Deep Care Cleansing: Absorbs even micro dirt with Okinawa-grown Kucha (marine clay).
  • 3 Types of Cooling Ingredients: Menthol, Menthyl Lactate, and Peppermint Oil provide a refreshing and long-lasting sensation.
  • Spa Course: Thoroughly removes accumulated waste from pores, resident bacteria on the scalp and within pores, leaving a refreshing feeling and a clean scent that lasts. Fragrance of Beautiful Lady Cherry Blossoms. During summer to autumn, the beautiful lady blossom produces flowers resembling cherry blossoms. It's also known as "Verbena" and has a legend as an "aphrodisiac of love."

<How to use> After pre-washing, apply an appropriate amount to the scalp while parting the hair and massage. Then rinse with lukewarm water and then shampoo

Natsuka scalp Spa Course

First, thoroughly wet your hair, then take 3-4 pumps of Scalp Massage Gel in your hands and apply it to the forehead.
Apply to the top of the head, back of the head, and 5 points around the ears, and blend well.

Gently press each acupressure point for 3-5 seconds in the order shown in the diagram.

Afterwards, rinse off the Scalp Massage Gel, and apply a suitable amount of Cool Shampoo.
Lather well and shampoo as usual, then rinse.

Apply an appropriate amount of Repair Treatment and perform a draining massage (lightly press and gently flow). Then rinse thoroughly.

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